Products and Partners

Gegel ambient product range consists of highly rotating products of the best national and foreign brands. Every day we supply our customers through our accurate and complete service. Since many years in the retail sector, Gegel also offers in Horeca its assortment of top-of-the-range rotating products destined for pastry shops, ovens, products for hotel catering and for breakfast.


Yogurt and cheeses

Cold cuts

Frozen food and ice cream

Fresh meats

Food and gastronomy

GEGEL offers its customers a wide range of products for high-quality catering for ovens, restaurants, gastronomy and hotels. An exclusive range of leading companies products that offer an high added value and that only require the chef's fantasy for personalization!

Molino Pasini
De Cecco

Yogurt and cheeses

GEGEL distributes a wide range of dairy products guaranteed by the partnership with leading domestic and international companies. It is therefore able to satisfy the assortment requirements of each type of customer.
The assortment includes a wide range of cheeses, including PDO and PGI, Sheep, Goats and Vaccines cheeses. The offer is completed with a lactose-free dairy product line for a growing segment of the market. The company also offers a special selection of cheeses under the brand Caseificio dei sapori.

Mila Sudtirol
Sterzing Vipiteno
Caseificio dei sapori

Cold cuts

GEGEL offers its customers a vast assortment of cold cuts both fresh cut and free service. They are part of the national cold cuts range, PDO and PGI and international specialties, which have been accurately selected over the years among the best delicatessen. The offer is completed with a range of Gluten and Lactose Free products destined for a growing segment of the market. The company also offers a privileged selection of cold cuts under the brand Antica Salumeria

Palmieri Favola
Antica Salumeria

Frozen food and ice creams

GEGEL is partner of the leading Italian companies in the production of ice cream and frozen food. Vegetables, fish, meat, preparations and semi-finished products for gastronomic laboratories and furnaces. The range is completed with the best selection of foreign products, with exclusive import to guarantee the assortment's completeness.

Motta Gelati

Fresh meats

GEGEL commercializes a wide assortment of sheep, beef and pig meat suitable for every type of customer.
It distributes a line of meat which is exclusively dedicated to restaurateurs, hoteliers, catering and banqueting operators, for whom it is also possible to fully customize the orders.
With regard to the RETAIL market it offers various types of meats produced in production atmosphere such as breaded, ready-made meals, white meats that ensure both quality and the complete traceability of the product, including innovative packaging and format solutions that meet today's consumers most important needs.

Jubatti Carni