Our markets

Over the past 30 years of activity, GEGEL has dealt with all reference markets (Retail and Horeca) both in Italy and abroad, developing and improving a series of customized customer services that are at the heart of its company mission. With GEGEL, every type of customer can benefit of a service which is specifically thought in order to meet the specific features of the market in which he operates.




Retail Market

GEGEL operates in the Retail food business supplying food wholesalers, supermarkets and organized distribution. Through a customer advisory service it is able to set up a frozen food counter, a cold cut counter and free service of the various businesses by providing additional services such as:

  Store promotion activities entrusted to their highly-trained internal staff
  Assortment study to meet the needs of the customers who are more attentive to the market trends
  Co-marketing activities along with the sales point through personalized fliers addressed to the final consumer

Keywords of the activity are quick service, guaranteed within 24 hours of order, and customer satisfaction.

Horeca Market

For this purpose GEGEL makes available:

  a pool of chefs and food technicians for the continuous training both of the sales network and of its customers
  a permanent cooking school equipped for the organization of training activities of chefs, pizza makers and bakers
  organization of events and tastings for the promotion of food and wine culture

Foreign Market

The consolidated knowledge of the Italian RETAIL and HORECA markets as well as the wide range of food products and services offered, gave GEGEL the possibility to become a prominent Italian Food Ambassador in the main foreign countries. Furthermore, the participation to major events, both on a national and international level, has allowed the continuous development of new knowledge on the specific trends of the different markets that enable the company to carefully evaluate products to be offered on each market.

Reference customers are wholesalers, distributors, supermarket chains, with whom the company manages business partnership relationships that promote the penetration of the reference market such as:

  participation at local fairs
  organization of events and tastings
  support and network sales training




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