Antica Salumeria

The cold cuts collection of Antica Salumeria comes from the passion and love for quality food related to history, to people and to the enchanting places of our productions. Our company has always been characterized by our research and by the passion for those products of the Italian tradition that represent the various pleasures of the table. The harmony and the joy that they can evoke create memories of happy moments and the wisdom and the mastery of our producers, during the different production stages, become a guarantee of quality, goodness and food safety.

The italian cold cuts of Antica Salumeria

Cold cuts line of Antica Salumeria arises from an authentic passion for tradition and for a constant quality search. The careful selection of typical Italian products from Norcia, processed in modern production plants, has allowed us to collect only cold cuts produced in compliance with the needs of modern consumers, without the addition of additives or preservatives such as lactose, monosodium glutamate and gluten. The quality of the raw materials blends with the consistent quality, with the uniform aging and the freshness of the meat, thus always allowing to meet the taste of the consumer, even in the case of gluten and lactose intolerance.

For example, seasoned raw ham is obtained from fresh thighs from the best carefully selected slaughterhouses. Culatello Antica Salumeria comes from the finest part of the best Italian pigs, skillfully worked and seasoned for more than 12 months in slow-maturing cells. Cooked hams line distinguishes itself for the extreme productive accuracy. Salami are characterized by the correct balance between lean and fat parts according to the original recipes.


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